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HVAC Repair

When your business is too hot or too cold it can be difficult to work. That is because when the temperature isn’t just right the body has to spend energy to compensate. That is energy that could be better used for the task at hand. Upgrading your HVAC system is not only good for saving money on your utility bill but is also necessary to make sure you and your employees can be as efficient as possible. Remember that if your system is working poorly then up to 60% of your utility bill can be because of your HVAC system.

Ventilation Maintenance

One thing which is even more important for businesses, compared to residences, is to have your ventilation maintained. Of course, it is important for a home ventilation to have the ducts maintained as well, but as commercial businesses have larger systems they need a bit more attention. Ventilation collects a lot of allergens, dust, and debris over time because though the air is filtered it does come from the outside which has particles in it. If not taken care of then the air you breathe will not be as clean as it should be and could possibly lead to health issues.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and you need work done on your HVAC System then your answer is Mullen Heating and Air Conditioning.

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